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Marquee Singaporean Branding Agency

Marquee Singaporean Branding Agency

In today’s world, selling an excellent product or providing a flawless service are no longer sufficient for a business to achieve success. Consumers are constantly bombarded with ads and, as such, they have become increasingly skeptical when it comes to branding. This, however, is actually an advantage for companies with a powerful message and an authentic brand.

Make no mistake: although consumers are more selective when it comes to the companies they choose to work with, they still pay very close attention to the way brands look and behave. Authenticity, sustainability, and social responsibility are just a few qualities that people prioritize today.

Our challenge at Fourty Webs is to create a genuine brand identity that not only represents your company and goals, but that also speaks to consumers and their values. Fortunately, we are attuned to current trends and love nothing more than to develop and convey a convincing, authentic story.

Create a Powerful Brand Identity for Your Company

Our Process for Branding

When it comes to brand identity, our main goal is to help companies find their own, authentic message. Our recipe for success is a mix of creativity and rigor that includes innovative design, impactful content, and many years of experience in the industry.

Establishing a Brand Purpose

To make the right choices for your logo and colors, we must start from the basics. Like your potential clients, we want to understand the purpose or the reason for the existence of your brand. In addition, we need to familiarize ourselves with your target audience, as well as the reasons why you believe your product or service is superior to that of your competition.

Conducting Extensive Market Research

Based on the information you give us, we can further outline your brand purpose and positioning through market research. We place special emphasis on phone interviews and discussions with potential customers, which we find are most helpful when it comes to creating a impactful, emotional message.

Conducting Extensive Market Research

Outlining Your Company’s Visual Identity

At Fourty Webs, we do more than create fantastic logos. Our design and branding specialists can help you choose the right color scheme to represent the values of your company, but also develop custom iconography and other brand-specific visual features.;

Consistency is just as important as authenticity when it comes to branding, which is why we also give you the possibility to remediate your visual identity into multiple channels – from advertising to websites and animation.

Implementing Your Brand

Fourty Webs is a full-service digital agency, which means we stand ready to implement all recommendations we make in terms of branding. Once your new brand identity is brought to life, our marketing team ensures that your message reaches your target audience.

Looking for a new agency to help you come up with a powerful brand identity?

Our portfolio offers a comprehensive selection of successful brands we have helped create, of solutions we have implemented, and of previous clients who could not have been happier with the results.