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FortyWebs is the SEO agency that can turn your investments into real revenue results. As a complete digital marketing agency, we provide effective SEO services that drive organic traffic.

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Our SEO strategies are best suited for Singapore businesses. However, they can be adapted for companies from around the world. The web is more competitive today than ever before. When users look for a solution on search engines such as Google, your site should be among the first to provide an answer.

Do you own an online store, blog, or any other type of website? Search engine optimization is the best way to reach your target audience and drive organic traffic to your site.

Although it can be very effective, SEO is a medium- to long-term process. It requires a sizable investment of time and resources. After enough time, however, SEO can have a major contribution to your online marketing campaign. It often works best in conjunction with other digital marketing strategies. The latter may bring more immediate results.

Should I Choose PPC or SEO?

Does search engine optimization or paid Ads translate into more traffic for your website? There isn't a single answer to this question. To ensure that your online marketing strategy is effective, you must first consider your current situation. What are your goals, your competition, and your target audience?

We have more than 8 years of experience in this industry. We have learned that, as a rule of thumb, white hat SEO is the best way to drive traffic from organic search. This, in turn, tends to achieve more volume and better search engine rankings at a lower cost than paid search.

Nevertheless, there are differences between PPC and SEO that suggest the two are best used together. Each plays an important part in a comprehensive search engine marketing strategy. Consider, for example, that paid Ads are listed above organic search results. Yet traffic from SEO is mostly free, while traffic from PPC comes with a fee per click.

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Our Process for Search Engine Optimization

1. Integrated SEO

When we build a website, we include our SEO specialists in all aspects of the process. They review everything from sitemaps and wireframes to mock-ups, content, and redirects. They take care of link building and all other optimizations your site needs to shine.

If you collaborate with us long-term, you can take advantage of our ongoing SEO expert consultancy. We help you optimize new pages and make minor technical changes even after the project is complete.

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2. Website Audit for Optimization

Say that you already have a website or an ecommerce business. You would like our team to improve its search engine optimization. We start with an assessment of its current profile. This helps us establish an initial baseline and measure future SERP improvements once our changes go live.

During an audit, we look at the structure of your website and the existing content. We analyze the site’s back-link profile, and we investigate keyword rankings and traffic from organic search.

3. Finding the Right Keywords

The purpose of keyword research is to help us understand what words and phrases your clients use in search engines. As a result, we know which keywords to use for you site. We also know which of them receive the highest volume and are most likely to put your business on the first page.

In addition, keyword research gives us the chance to assess the users’ intention. In other words, we learn whether users are ready to buy or just looking for information. This, in turn, allows us to create better targeted and more meaningful content for your website.

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4. Creating a SEO Strategy

Our SEO audit might reveal a few quick fixes to improve your website’s search engine rankings right away. Yet the real purpose of search engine optimization is to drive traffic from organic search. This is a long-term project.

Our SEO team is most effective as part of an exhaustive online marketing campaign. Still, we can provide channel-specific optimization based on your current requirements.

5. Marketing Your Website
through Content

Users might come across your website through organic search. They might also read about your product or service in social media, customer reviews, and other sites. We recommend a complete approach to your online presence, and we explore all the leads that draw users to your website.

Digital PR specialists, content managers, and influencers can be part of your internet marketing team. Our focus is SEO. But we have a track record for discovering new opportunities to make our clients' voices heard.

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6. Keeping Tabs on Our Progress

We don't make outrageous claims or back them with vanity metrics. We make it clear that SEO work is a long-term project. At the same time, we understand the importance of results. We use reliable metrics to assess our progress and report to you on a monthly basis.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Don't have all the information you need to make a decision? These are some of the most common questions we receive from our customers. If you don't find the answers you're looking for, please fill out the Contact form below to get in touch.

Will SEO help my business get traffic?

Every business is different, which is why we believe in tailor-made SEO strategies for each of our clients. Finding the best SEO opportunities for your company requires in-depth knowledge of digital marketing. Rest assured: we'll take care of everything for you. Once our research is complete, we focus on two main avenues: on-page and off-page SEO. These can help drive more traffic to your website in different ways.

On-page SEO includes some of the easiest strategies to improve your rankings in search engine results. We create SEO-friendly meta titles and descriptions, and fix crawl errors on your site. We perform keyword research, and even improve your website's loading speeds. All of these changes can be made directly to your website for quick results.

A long-term on-page SEO strategy with more sustainable results is to redo the content on your website. For this to work, you need unique, useful, and relevant content designed to reach out to a specific audience. It takes some time, but in our experience, the results are worth the effort.

Meanwhile, off-page SEO is a great way to drive organic traffic to your website through back-links and other strategies. Like content optimization, this type of SEO requires more time to work. It also generates some of the most impressive results.

Not sure which SEO strategies are best for your business? Order an SEO audit and enlist the support of SEO experts to come up with an effective strategy. fortyWebs is a complete digital marketing agency, so we can assist you every step of the way.

How much does SEO cost?

SEO is a long-term process that requires a significant financial investment to work. The exact cost depends on the level of competition in your industry. Your potential customers, your keywords, existing SEO penalties, and many other factors also contribute. You can expect to pay upwards of $1,000 per month for up to eight months if your website is new.

Granted, this is a considerable cost. Yet within a year from when you embark on your SEO campaign, you'll notice ground-breaking results in real revenues. You could reduce the overall cost by hiring a cheap agency. But if you do, you risk having black-hat SEO strategies used on your website. This can result in penalties from search engines such as Google. If penalties are in place, they make it even more difficult to improve your website's ranking.

How long does it take to see SEO results?

There is only one way to generate over-night search engine results: using blackhat SEO strategies. The problem is that these quick fixes are not in the interest of your customers. They are also recognized by Google, which can then penalize your website and sink your rankings even further. You need to think of SEO as a long-term investment. Why? Because white hat strategies take longer to work.

You can expect to see minor improvements after six months and ground-breaking results within the first year. Creating optimized, unique content and building organic links to your website will take the longest. Yet these strategies will also generate the most impressive results. It will take some time for Google to notice that you've made all these positive changes, but trust us. You'll know it was all worth it when the revenues from SEO start pouring in.

Why is FortyWebs one of the best SEO companies?

There are a few reasons why we believe you should choose FourtyWebs for your website SEO. First and foremost, we do not run experiments on your website. Most SEO agencies implement changes that were not previously tested. These are not guaranteed to offer results. With 8 years of experience SEO, we run several successful affiliate websites to pilot new strategies. We verify the effectiveness of our methods before recommending them to our clients. We do not falsely promise "quick" results. We don't try to fool you with vanity metrics. But we do guarantee that, given enough time, our optimizations actually work.

In addition, we start from the premise that every business is unique. Instead of using cookie-cutter strategies, we take the time to get to know your company. We want to understand your message and what makes your business work. We then use this information to come up with a tailor-made, fully-fledged digital marketing plan. We start with SEO, but can extend into web design, content, and branding.

Do you have an office in Singapore?

Yes, we do have an office in Singapore. However, it mainly servers as a delivery address and meeting place for our annual meetings. In fact, we have small offices in several different countries. Our agency is fully-remote and our team spans six continents, including Asia, Europe, North and South America, Australia, and Africa. We specialize in SEO for Singapore businesses. Yet we are a diverse bunch with an understanding of many worldwide cultures and markets.

More than 50% of employees in tech industries have transitioned into the online environment over the past couple of years. This is part of the reason why we believe that the future belongs to remote work. New team and management apps make this type of work increasingly plausible, as well as more efficient in some cases.

What is the difference between an SEO consultant and an SEO Agency?

This comes down to the number of people that work on your project. Hiring an SEO consultant usually means that a single person will work on your SEO strategy and help you implement it. With an SEO agency, you have an entire team at your disposal. In addition, agencies are already well-established from a financial point of view. This allows them to lower prices considerably in certain situations.

Whether you hire an SEO consultant or agency can also depend on your specific needs. For example, a full-service agency such as fortyWebs can take care of all your digital marketing requirements in an integrated manner, whereas an SEO consultant is limited to a single specialization. Our team includes web designers, marketing and social media specialists, copywriters, branding experts, and more. As such, we can create a unified digital marketing campaign for your business, which helps you save time and money.

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