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At FortyWebs, we strive to offer the very best of Singapore Web Design. We take pride in helping businesses create an online presence.

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Our approach to Web design was sharpened by years of experience and hundreds of successful websites that span across a wide array of different industries. Our success stories include e-commerce web development, search engine optimization, and more. We have a particularly strong connection with businesses in Singapore. However, our fully remote team includes members from six different continents. In addition, we boast clients from the four corners of the world.

What We Hate

Poorly Developed Websites

Potential clients form a first impression of your brand by interacting with your website. If the site is sluggish, cluttered, or counter-intuitive, people will associate these defects with your company. As such, they will likely avoid you. If you run an ecommerce website, this could lead to customers bouncing back to Google and to lost sales. What’s worse, your own team might find it difficult to function when even the smallest website changes are a drudgery.

What We Love

Innovative Ideas for Design

It isn’t easy to distinguish yourself in an over-saturated market with increasingly picky audiences. You have one chance to convince visitors that your company or product is worth their time. So you have to draw their attention with a unique approach. We understand how digital marketing works, and we want to make it work for you.

Our Process

First, We Get to
Know You

Before we start a project, we must understand what makes your business tick. First, we listen to your introduction. Then, we conduct thorough market research to discover the quickest path from clients to your product/service. We also analyze your competitors and determine the features that have contributed to their success.

We Strategize

Equipped with the results of our research, we consult UX designers and content writers to come up with a suitable structure for your website design and its content. This helps us plan ahead for different pages. It also outlines the connections we establish between them for the sake of smooth navigation for users.

We Plan and Approve
the Content

Every product needs a good story. But on the web, you only have a couple of seconds to captivate your audience. This is where our copywriters work their magic. SEO is important, but engaging your clients is our top priority.

Our copywriters take their time to understand the people that are most likely to become your clients. First, they take a good look at your product or service. Then, they come up with the concise and impactful presentation that a first-time visitor expects and appreciates. All text is optimized so that not only people, but also search engine bots find it irresistible.

Section Promoting: Branding Service
Does you company need a corporate identity to make an impact?
Visit our Brand Identity page to make it happen.

We Build Wireframes
for Enhanced User Experience

With the content and structure of your website in mind, it’s time to put together its skeletal representation. Now, you can arrange the different features on each page and prioritize the available content. Wireframes are the static, low-fidelity depictions of each page on your site.

Wireframes won’t offer much detail. However, they will become the infrastructure of the visual design of your website. You can use them to provide feedback on the website’s structure, while we use them as a basic guideline for your project.

Does you company need a stronger
brand to make an impact?

Visit our Brand Identity page to make it happen.

We Explore Different
Design Options

We are ready to put together an exploratory design presentation. Based on the information we have from our research, we come up with different design possibilities. We then discuss these options with you to achieve the best possible representation of your brand.

Once the design phase is complete, you will have access to full-color mock-ups for each template for your website. Your team can provide detailed feedback for each mock-up as we create it. This way, you are fully satisfied with the end result.

We Bring
the Website to Life

This stage comprises the development proper of your website. Web designers bring together the different graphic elements presented to you in the prototype. Then, they create an actual working site.

Additional features such as contact forms, e-commerce shopping carts, contact management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, and others are implemented and optimized.

We Subject the Site to
Testing and Quality Assessment

Although this might seem counterintuitive, the most exciting part of building a website is trying to break it. As we approach the launch date for your site, our team works frantically to test every single aspect of it. The ultimate goal is to correct any possible bugs.

We appreciate it when our clients participate in this phase. This is why we publish each website on a development server to undergo a beta stage before launch. At this point, your team can fiddle with all features of the site and even help us fix any issues we may have missed.

We Make the Website
Accessible with SEO

Long gone are the days when SEO was just an accessory for an effective website. We want to drive traffic to your site through organic search. This is why we involve our search engine optimization specialists in every step of the design.

They review all aspects of your website, from wireframes and sitemaps to content and design. Their goal is to ensure that we follow the best SEO practices. The result is a more visible and relevant site.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between website design and web development?

Although the two overlap in some instances, website design and web development are not the same thing. A web designer is mainly responsible with the way your website looks - in other words, with graphic design. A web developer is in charge of the way your website works.

Website design deals with colors, layouts, images, and the way the text is arranged. Web development is responsible for the engine of the digital experience. This includes database management, client-server interactions, and more.

Web design and development go hand in hand like salt and pepper. A successful web design agency brings both services together. The result is a professional website that is also user-friendly.

Do I need to work with another web development company aside from FortyWebs?

No. We are a complete digital marketing agency. If there is something that you want to include in your marketing strategy, we can make it happen. We take care of everything from sharp content writing to sleek web design. We handle back-end or front-end development, and even promotion on social media. Our team can make the right recommendations, as well as implement them. We can also advise you on brand strategy and positioning.

We won't stop until you are satisfied with the end results. Our web developers go above and beyond to ensure that you get a smooth and responsive website.

How much do web design services usually cost?

Upfront estimates are impractical. You should be wary of companies that advertise exact costs for web design services. The overall price depends on factors such as the number of pages and the complexity of graphic design. How much content you need and the extent of search engine optimisation work also matter.

That said, we understand the need to have a financial forecast for your budget. Our recommendation is that you get in touch and gives us a few details about your project. We can provide you with a custom quote depending on your needs. We'll also send documentation to help you estimate the total costs for web design and development.

Do you work with mobile app development?

We mostly focus on website development and promoting our clients' websites. However, we engaged with mobile app development in the past. If this is something you feel might be necessary for your online presence, we might be able to help. So long as you don't need complex functionalities, we have you covered.

For example, we can create a mobile app for your business to showcase some of your products or services. Similarly, we can help you if you want to your customers to receive news from you through mobile platforms.

Can I easily add products to an ecommerce website?

Yes. You will be able to manage and update your website with the help of a popular content management system. You can use WordPress, Magento, or Shopify, to give you just a few examples. After the website development phase is complete, you will have access to an easy-to-use dashboard. This will let you make changes to your website. You'll be able to add or remove products in your ecommerce store, post updates, and more.

You can contact us for support throughout the duration of the project. We also offer support for one additional month after that. If you find the process difficult or you don't have enough time to DIY, we offer website maintenance services.

At FourtyWebs, we strive to offer the very best of Singapore Web Design. We take pride in helping businesses create an online presence, and we are driven to deliver excellent website design solutions every single time. Sound like the level of dedication you're looking for? Let's get in touch.

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